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DEFEBA - Cavity wall elements


The cavity wall elements consist of two reinforced concrete shells which are approx. 6-8 cm thick. These are connected to each other by lattice girders.

The lattice girders ensure sufficient stiffness of the elements when assembled. In addition, the bond between the concrete of the prefabricated parts and the cast-in-place concrete core layers is improved. The diagonals of the lattice girder act as shear reinforcement.

The reinforced concrete shells are cast with cast-in-place concrete on the construction site. This overall cross-section should work statically together in the network. There is the possibility of executing wall constructions as a waterproof concrete tanking. The wall thicknesses vary depending on the distance between the two shells. All element outlines and built-in parts such as doors, windows, electrical boxes or openings are taken into account with CAD precision in the factory.